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Columbia + Keith {Southeast Missouri Wedding Photography}

Columbia and Keith’s wedding in Jackson, Missouri was filled with so much love and laughter. Every detail was carefully thought out and planned. From beloved family heirlooms to first love letters, everything had a special meaning.

They got a little rain, maybe more than a little and had to change plans a couple of times but everything worked out beautifully. Keith’s face when he saw Columbia for the first time was almost matched by her excitement to see him. From watching them, you’d never even know it was raining.

They got married in a little country church near and dear to Columbia’s heart. A church her family members have attended for many years before they stopped having services.

Did I mention their wedding was in the morning? The reception was amazing! Breakfast themed! They had omelets, donuts galore, a cereal bar, and coffee. Every decoration was thought out to a T. It could not have been more perfect!

These two will have many more years of happy memories. I’m honored to have been there for their special day. Thanks again Columbia and Keith!